Holiday Season + Vacation = Netflix Binge

02 December 2016 No comments
With the holidays upon us and some vacation days being taken it is probably likely you're going to want to sit down and Netflix for some of your Christmas vacation. I know I will binge watching something. Now, here is the problem....what do you watch? There are so many choices and all of them seem like a good choice! Luckily, for you today, I'm giving you a few picks, ones I think most people will be happy with and if you're not...what is wrong with you? These shows are great! No I kid, there is nothing wrong with you if you disagree with my choices (maybe). Please let me know what you have been binge watching so maybe you will make my next choice easier too!

Now onto my picks for binge worthy shows!

1. Friends - Good old faithful, always makes you laugh and doesn't matter how many time you watch it, it is just as good as the last time.

2. Gilmore Girls - For me this is another old faithful, I watched it every Tuesday when it was on and just finished the revival. It is quirky and charming. Watch and love it!

3. Broadchurch - I honestly don't know why I even started watching this one day but I'm glad I did. It is about the murder of a young boy in a small town and the events following which are full of twists and turns. I HIGHLY recommend this show.

4. Downton Abbey - When this was on TV I thought no I won't like it, I'm normally not into period pieces but one night last year I started it and well no one saw me again for days expect when I needed some food! I just feel in love with the characters and well Maggie Smith makes everything better.

5. How to Get Away with Murder - I love this show! Yes, it is tad insane and intense but I love it. I love the characters, crazy plot lines and hello Frank (Charlie Weber)!

I hope some of you decided to watch one of these over the holidays and love it! If you do please let me know :)

Happy Binge Watching!


01 December 2016 No comments

Happy December everyone! We can all agree now that it is the Christmas/Holiday Season right? If you don't agree it might be time to move along and find another blog to read ;)

I had planned on doing a December Instagram Challenge but seeing as my October one was an epic fail, I decided to pass and hopefully I will just remember to take some pictures most days. I ordered an amazing Christmas scrapbook kit from Vicki Boutin this year so I need to make sure I document the Christmas season well this year so I have lots to fill the album up with. I will have to take some pictures of the album to show you. Vicki really put together a great album. She always does so I shouldn't be surprised. I think this will become an annual thing for me know. Hear that Vicki you're going to have to keep doing it now that you have me hooked!

This week has been a tad crazy and honestly it is only going to get more crazy as the holiday season continues and you want to know what I don't mind it at all! This is the only time of the year it can just be as crazy as it can be and I still love it. I try to keep myself as organized as possible, I make lists and I plan what I want to do during the day while I'm in the shower in the morning. Some people say the holidays have become too crazy and commercialized, I say you make it what you want! Here are a couple of things I do to stay calm during the holidays
  • go shopping when you aren't rushed! Being in a hurry when it is crazy at the mall only makes things worse! Take a deep breath and embrace the crazy!
  • make lists and stick to them!
  • Spend as much time as you can with your family and friends.
  • Unwind....have a cup of coffee, egg nog, wine or whatever while sitting by the tree with just the lights of the decorations on. This is my favorite thing to do during December. You can almost find me there if you're wondering where I am.
Now that being said, how is everyone doing with their shopping, baking and wrapping...etc! I hope to finish my Christmas cards tonight, I would have had them done earlier but I got into the album from Vicki and just needed to finish it first!

Happy December!
25 November 2016 1 comment
Okay so I guess I only post on Wednesdays for awhile and then just on Fridays! I was busy so what can you do. I have been planning some holiday posts so fingers crossed they are going to actually get written!

I don't even really know what to write about today. Week was busy and I had a had a doctor's appt so nothing really blog worthy there HA!

I really just waiting for work to be over today so I can go home and watch Gilmore Girls! I tried to stay up last night to watch some but lets be honest that wasn't going to happen because I'm basically a grandmother now when it comes to going to bed. It is weird because when I was younger I could be up until 4am and not worry about it now that would mess me up for a couple of days sleep wise LOL

Anyways, I hope all my American friends had a great thanksgiving yesterday and if they are out shopping today I hope you stay safe and get what you want at the stores!

Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites

18 November 2016 1 comment
Well, first time on the blog this week and it already Friday! It was a busy week for me, getting things rolling for the Christmas house tours decoration wise which you know I love! Plus, some appointments for check up stuff making sure the other ovary is okay. All good times! Anyways, I decided why not link up with Andrea, Erika and Narci if you haven't checked out their blogs you should! Now, onto my Friday favorites!

1. Lifetime Christmas movies! I for a long time never liked watching the lifetime or hallmark Christmas movies because they are so beyond cheesy they are hard to watch but last year I started with Guess Who's Coming to Christmas starring Drew Lachey and well I'm a little hooked now. I even DVR them now haha

2. Fun nights with Erica and Ashdenne! On Monday, myself, Erica and Ashdenne went to dinner and then did some Christmas shopping and we had a great time.

3. It is FRI-YAY! Weekend time! I don't have any real plans which I'm okay with because I have some stuff around the house I would like to get done especially finishing my Christmas cards! I got into other crafts and they have been neglected for the last little bit. Hoping to get them done this weekend.

4. I was only to have three but got word my package of crafty goodness from Vicki arrived! I can't wait until work is over and I can go home and open it!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday

09 November 2016 2 comments
Happy Hump Day Folks! I hope you are all well and being kind to one another today. The sun is shining here and we are all still here. Today, I'm linking up with Jennifer and Jessi for What's Hap'pinning' Wednesday!

What has been hap'pping' with me? Last weekend pretty last minute myself and Erica decided to head to the city on Saturday for a wee bit of shopping and brave Christmas at the Forum! We even decided to brave it in the evening when it was two for one! Lordy, when you go to these events people please go with a great deal of patience and not be in a hurry. If you know me you know patience is not something I have a lot of but seriously some of the people at the Forum just needed to take a chill pill. We did have a great day and I did get some nice stuff at the forum! I was reading Sarah's post about her going to something like Christmas at the Forum with her mom this past weekend and how she thought she was going to be able to take pictures and browse around but ended up not able to do those things made me think of this! haha It is something but honestly the thing that annoys me most are the annoying younger firefighters who are selling their calendars! Most of them are fine but there are always a couple who are just so annoying, no sorry I don't want your calendar, no I don't think you're that good looking! Leave me alone now please! But alas we did have fun and it was good sister day.

Last week Jenn posted about the tomato tortellini soup she made and it looked so yummy! Most of us read the post asked for the recipe and like the nice one she is she posted it. On Monday, I made said soup and she was not lying when she said how good it was! Like omg yum! And it say it was easy to make is an understatement! Once you're done here go to Jenn's blog, read some posts and find that recipe before you leave!


The best worst lifetime Christmas was on this morning so I dvr'ed and I will probably watch that tonight! Hope everyone is having a good day and remember to be kind to one another.

Jennifer and Jessi